Principles & Values

Principles & Values

The purpose of Eurolex Bulgaria is to provide the highest quality of legal services on the market. Coherence however is a must for achieving and maintaining this supreme task. We believe that our rapid expansion during the last decade is due namely to the consistency in our work. We preserve this consistency by simply adhering to 4 principles lying in the core of our corporate identity.

Excellence in Everything

Excellence is our engine for continuous development. We recruit excellent lawyers for whom we ensure a challenging environment to help them excel. We create the most appropriate conditions for work and communication with our clients. We always search for better practices and methods and we are open to constructive suggestions for improvement. The excellent understanding of law and its evolution is one of our strongest assets.

Dedication to the Client

This special flavor to our skills describes our zest in dealing with each project. We protect our clients’ interests as our own. The client’s objective is the starting point for development of legal strategies. We strive to maintain beneficial and regular communication with the clients in order to mitigate the risk of misunderstandings. We tend to anticipate the client’s needs and we are always ready to suggest alternative but more effective solutions.


In our office, efficiency relates to time, cost and personnel, and affects all aspects of our work. Our clients rely on the proper allocation of the most appropriate specialists to their cases. We always strive to avoid unnecessary expenses by choosing the most cost efficient way to complete the given project. Nevertheless the clients’ interests sometimes require giving priority to time efficiency against cost efficiency. We always try to strike the perfect balance between the two of them.


Our major ambition is to think and act as a single unit. We support each other and everyone contributes his expertise to the particular assignment. The positive team spirit is essential for our business and we rely on mutual respect, trust and politeness to keep it active. Led by our common values, we place the success of Eurolex Bulgaria as an entity above any individual or group interest.