Energy and Natural Resources

The nature of Bulgaria’s energy sector, with lengthy project lifecycles and complex regulatory requirements, demands that investors work hand in hand with their legal advisors over an extensive period of time.

Water Sector and Environment

Eurolex Bulgaria maintains dominant position in the field of waters and wastewaters. Our work on the €130 million Sofia Water and Wastewater Concession Project and on the Water Companies

Real Estate and Construction

Eurolex Bulgaria/AD&P has enjoyed ten successful years working with investors in the real estate sector in Bulgaria. Our real estate team advises on a wide variety of projects, including office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and resorts, apartment buildings, sports facilities, golf courses ...

Infrastructure and Ports

Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union in 2007 provided the country with access to European structural funds. As a result, numerous infrastructure projects were revived or initiated and amongst a raft of transport infrastructure projects, two have been prioritized: the Sofia Metro Extension Project and ...

Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships and Privatizations

The partnership between the public sector and business presents a powerful engine for modernization. Every partnership including the Public-private partnerships (PPPs) requires smooth relations based on trust and cooperation and founded on a solid, detailed legal framework which clearly defines ...

Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts

he phase of establishment has a great importance in each firm’s cycle. We believe that before starting the construction of a huge and solid building one must lay down firm and broad foundations in order to succeed. Therefore, we advise our clients on the choice of optimum financial and legal structures ...

Mergers and Acquisitions

A busy and successful M&A practice has earned Eurolex/ADP a reputation for combining the highest quality technical expertise with commercial pragmatism, essential attributes for guiding clients through the maze of administrative procedures and corporate and economic realities that stand in the way of business success.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance team at Eurolex Bulgaria /ADP provides clients with tailored, practical and solution-oriented legal advice, based upon an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Among our lawyers are experts who have served as senior officers within leading financial institutions.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Drawing on extensive experience in bankruptcy and insolvency, we work with creditors, lenders and other businesses to provide more than just a statement of the law – we provide our clients with the confidence that if there is a solution, we will find it.

Media and Telecommunications

The collapse of the previous political regime was immediately followed by the revival of the Bulgarian media sector. Numerous TV networks, radio stations and newspapers emerged and began evolving and competing. In an environment of major changes in media ...

Intellectual Property and Technology

Names, ideas, inventions and the uniqueness of a brand or product can be the most important assets in a business. The substantial investments that businesses make in development, brand management and product awareness can be lost in the absence of ...

Competition Law

The academics usually teach that perfect competition brings the greatest amount of social welfare to everyone. Perfect competition is however, an ideal, unlikely ever to be achieved in practice. Therefore, the laws on competition are drafted in a way to establish ...


Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP is regularly called upon to assist in drafting the country’s legislation and consequently is considered one of the most experienced consultants in this regard. We have participated in the preparation of numerous acts ...

Litigation and Arbitration

A good litigator knows the law and the best way to present his case to the judges. At Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP we understand this. We know the way the judges think because we have been judges. We know the way the courts work because we have chaired courts.

Administrative and Regulatory

Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP is uniquely placed to advise public and private clients on Administrative and Regulatory matters (A&R) in Bulgaria. Several of our lawyers have served as high-level officials of the Bulgarian government: managing partner ...

European Union and International Law

As a member of the European Union and party to many international conventions and organizations, Bulgaria is subject to European/international principles and legislation even in cases of purely internal situations, not mentioning cross-border disputes or projects.

Non Governmental Organizations

In the core of Eurolex Bulgaria lay the principles of democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech and the civil society. We firmly believe that by adhering to these values we, as a law firm, are achieving better functioning and we, as individuals are striking best results.

Foreign Investments

Bulgaria continues to attract investment in sectors such as real estate, energy, infrastructure and tourism due to low rates of taxation, a stable banking system, a qualified workforce, nature and culture. To capitalize on the opportunities available,